Ma.K Story 2882-2885

An event was happened to change the conventional war situation greatly on June 15, 2883. It is an appearance of "AFS" (Armored Fighting Suit). "AFS" has brought a totally new tactics concept which gave a big military gains by the battle of each place. In these days, the survival of the employing mercenaries became rare in the earth armed forces and in the name of Mercenary Troops Arms, it changed in the armed forces which were gradually constituted on the earth by the draft or an applicant and gradually fixed the appearance of the earth official army from an original state in confusion.

But Strahl Defence Force developed a new weapon against "AFS" in sequence and spent it and reinforced a contingent for them to protect their own country rights and interests on the earth.

As a result, this war became the history that the both armed forces competed for new weapon development endlessly.

Antigravity Armored Fighter
(Armored Raider)
Pkf.85 FALKE

1:20 scale

Item no. MK01 (64001)

Release : March, 2009


1:35 scale

Release : 4th quarter of 2009

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